Religion and interracial dating. Religious Socialization and Interracial Dating.

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Religion and interracial dating

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Religion and interracial dating

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  1. In general, this research suggests that interracial marriage tends to be opposed by whites who are more traditionalist in other areas. This inconsistent link between race and interracial dating is likely because of the inconsistent sample types and sizes studied college students, online daters, local groups. As a result, while some recent studies have been able to use survey data from national probability samples to study interracial dating e.

  2. More recently, one of the authors Perry reported that whites who express a greater desire to pass on religious heritage are less likely to support the idea of their daughters marrying interracially with any minority groups. This sets the stage for discussing the influence of religion—often indicative of more traditional beliefs and social views—on propensities to engage in interracial romance.

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